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~We welcomed one baby girl Nov 26, 2019!  She is $2000,  a $500 deposit is required to hold her.

Update: she has been sold!

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How Much?  What Do I Get?

Male & female Goldens are the same price for limited AKC registration (no breeding rights).  

Please see the "available puppies" page or  the waiting lists at the bottom of the page for current and

future litter prices. 

All of our puppies will have the following BEFORE going home: 

~their dew claws removed      ~ their first shots       ~ de-wormed on an age appropriate schedule   

~ have an exam by our vet         ~ micro chipped with an Avid chip (buyer will need to register with Avid)


All of our puppies will come with the following:

~  a one year health guarantee       ~ the puppy's AKC registration application    ~ a small bag of  puppy food

   ~ an AKC puppy starter kit       ~ a health record    ~ NuVet info and samples   

~ a toy    ~ a roll of poop bags with a holder

All of our  puppies receive an immune system builder called NuVet Plus (see image below) while in our care,

each puppy will go home with information and samples (see NuVet tab above to order).  


***Please read our policy regarding visitors/ puppy selection***


Please understand that the health and well being of our puppies is our biggest priority. Puppy selection will not take place until they are at least 7 weeks of age and have received their first vaccine. This is to reduce the amount of exposure to health risks coming into our home and to the puppies. For the same reason we will not be "showing" our puppies until they are at least 7 weeks old and have received their first vaccine. Did you know that Parvo can be picked up in any public place and walked in on the bottom of your shoes? Parvo can wipe out an entire litter or multiple litters in a single exposure!

Thank you for understanding!



Waiting list information

***Please read this section if interested in placing a deposit*** 


Blue and Gold accepts six deposits (three males and three females) per upcoming litter. By placing a $500 deposit you can secure a selection position in an upcoming litter. Puppies are reserved in the order deposits are received so, the earlier your deposit is in, the better chance you have of obtaining a puppy from our next litter. Because we cannot predict the size of a litter or how many puppies will be male or female we limit the number of deposits to six for each litter. This will reduce the risk of not having enough puppies or the wrong gender to fulfill all deposits received, an average litter size is 8 to 10 puppies. Deposits are non refundable, but can be transferred to our next litter if needed.  The one exception...  If the litter does not produce your desired gender and you do not wish to switch genders or wait for the next liter, your deposit will be refunded in full.



Blue and Gold's Prices: Our prices are the same for  males and females, they will both be $2000  with limited AKC registration (no breeding rights). The $500 deposit is required to be added to the waiting list, and the remaining $1500 is due on or before your puppy's 7 week birthday. **

**This new policy was put in place because every litter we have new puppy parents arrive to pick up their baby with a personal check and to avoid the awkward moment we take the check and let the puppy go. Well, we received a bad check with a bad address, and to date have not recovered the puppy or the final payment! Getting this out of the way will guarantee no more awkward moments and allow for a smooth pick up for everyone. Thank you for understanding!


For your deposit: we accept personal checks (before 6 weeks old, to allow enough time to clear the bank), cashiers checks, money orders, and credit cards (please add 3.5%). 


For your final payment: We accept personal checks (before 6 weeks old, to allow enough time to clear the bank), cashiers checks, money orders, credit cards (please add 3.5%), and of course cash.  This is due on or before your puppy's 7 week birthday. 


Payments: You are welcome to make payments as often as you would like up to your puppy's 7 week birthday, at this time the remaining balance is due. Please no personal checks after the puppies are 6 weeks old (to allow enough time to clear the bank). Please send me a message letting me know you are sending out a payment. 



After the waiting lists are full I will start a second waiting list for families interested in placing a deposit on one of the remaining puppies after they are born.  Again, I will not accept a deposit for the second waiting list until the puppies are born and their genders are confirmed. Thank you!

*Waiting list for our current and upcoming litters*

Waiting list (with deposit) for Willow's July 29th -

August 3rd 2019 litter.

Puppies in this litter will be $2000 for limited AKC registration (no breeding rights). A $500 deposit

is required to hold your position on the waiting list.










** 8/10/19 ~ Until further notice, we will not be taking any deposits on future litters until the puppies are born. This is due to both Dahlia and Willow's last litters being very small.  I would be happy to start a waiting list (with no deposit) if someone were interested.

Thank you for understanding!









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